Library and Publications

The UN Information Centre Reference Library is located opposite the Delegates Lounge at the United Nations Offices at Nairobi in Gigiri. As an official UN documentation centre, it carries a wide variety of information materials, ranging from maps and brochures to books and UN documents. Among the documents found in the library are: the UN Year Book, the UN Charter, Basic Facts About the United Nations, reports by the UN Secretary-General, as well as literature on peacekeeping, human rights, children, women and gender issues. Most of the materials are published by the Department of Public Information in New York.

The UNIC library distributes materials to members of the public, students, schools, colleges and universities. Some of the materials, however, are reference-only. The Library also serves as a resource centre for the United Nations staff.

The UNIC library is open every day of the week between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday to Thursday, and between 8 a.m. and 12.30 p.m. on Fridays. The UNIC Librarian, is also able to answer telephone queries regarding information sources and materials.

The UNIC library is equipped with modern communications technology, through which visitors are guided to the UN electronic resources on the Internet. For example, it has a link to the database in the Dag Hammarskjöld Library in New York, from which users can access information online through the Official document system, a search tool that can retrieve full details of documents.

Online Catalogue

The online database can be searched in simple and advanced mode. A thesaurus mode is also available which allows for navigation through UNBIS thesaurus. The multilingual UNBIS Thesaurus, created by the Dag Hammarskjöld Library, United Nations Department of Public Information, contains the terminology used in subject analysis of documents and other materials relevant to United Nations programmes and activities. It is used as the subject authority of the United Nations Bibliographic Information System (UNBIS). Advanced searches can be made including fields like Subject, Title, Author, Conference name, Publication year, among others.

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Depository Libraries

The University of Nairobi is located within central District area of the capital City of Kenya; Nairobi.

The University runs six college Libraries with a Central Library; The JomoKenyattta memorial library which houses the United Nations depository.

The University of Nairobi Library is amongst the earliest UN depositories; having been designated a UN depository in August 1948.

The depository is a partial depository, receiving DPI publications in English and ECA master head documents.

Various UN agencies such as FAO, WHO, UNESCO, UNIDO, UNEP, UNHCR, UNU, UNCTAD, UNFPA, UNHCS, and several others have continued to enrich the section with UN related information resources.

The UN depository is housed in the third floor of the JKML and is run by a full time qualified Librarian.

Mr. Harun Mugo
Richard Mutuku, Tel: +254 20 318262 ext 28096
Tel: +254 2 334 244 ext 28096 or mobile:254 721 827004
Fax No: +254 20 336 885 or Fax: +254 20 336 885
e-mail: Website:

Moi University Library was officially designated to be a UN depository on 27th April 2001. It was assigned a full depository of publications in English, ECA master head documents and ODS access.

The Moi University Library otherwise known as the Margaret Thatcher Library is an academic Library but open to all members of the public. Moi University Campus is located 35Km South East of Eldoret Town in the Rift Valley Province of Kenya.

The UN depository collection is housed in the special collection department; on the second floor of the four-storied Library building. Occupying an area of approximately 200sq. meters, it has a sitting capacity of 30 people and statistics of 500 researchers per week.

The Library is fully computerised and is run by fully trained and qualified Librarians. Mrs Zipporah Rop is in charge of the UN collection.

Dr. TirongTanui, Moi University, Margaret Thatcher Library
P.O Box 3900-30100
Eldoret- Kenya

Tel: +254 53 43720 ext.235,
Fax: +254 321 43047,

The Makerere University in Kampala Uganda was established in 1949 with a purpose of serving the East African region i.e. Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

The establishment of the University also saw the birth of Makerere University Library.

This Library consists of a main Library and serves seven branches within Uganda. Makerere University became a UN depository of printed works in April 1957 after the Librarian applied to the United Nations to be considered as a depository of its publications.

This was granted and Makerere University Library continues to serve as s a partial UN depository receiving publications in English and ECA master head documents.

Prof. Maria Musoke, Makerere University
P.O Box 7062
Kampala –Uganda

Tel: +006-41-531041/2,
Fax: +006-41 -540374

UN Corners

UN Information Centre Nairobi promotes access to UN resources through liaising with local schools where UN Corners are opened. The UN corners are equipped with various UN publications where students can read. Some of the UN Corners opened are situated at: