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The United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) Nairobi is located in the United Nations complex in Gigiri, Nairobi, Kenya, which is the home of 24 United Nations agencies and Programmes, including the headquarters of two global Programmes – the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the United Nations Human Settlement Programme (UN-HABITAT). The offices are grouped together as UNON — the United Nations Office at Nairobi.

UNIC provides timely, accurate, impartial, comprehensive, relevant and coherent information on UN objectives and activities to the widest global public. UNIC in Kenya was established in 1974 and provides services to Kenya, Uganda and the Seychelles.The Centre is an important source of information to the local people concerning the work of the United Nations (UN) in these countries and globally.

Our office is located behind the Delegates Lounge at the United Nations Offices at Nairobi in Gigiri.

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We offer a vital link between the UN and the public, adapting into the local context and providing UN global information. UNIC relies on the network of local media outlets, non-governmental organizations, and private sector entities to disseminate the messages of the UN, connect with target audiences and implement issue-based communications campaigns. Using the creative energy and collective resources of such groups, UNIC is able to organize special events, publish local language materials and connect with new audiences, often in remote areas. In addition, the Centre also holds press conferences, launches reports and visits schools and communities to explain the work of the United Nations to local populations.

Our documentation Centre carries a wide variety of information materials ranging from posters and brochures to books and UN documents.  Among the documents found in the centre are: UN Year Book, the UN Charter, The United Nations Today, reports by the UN Secretary-General, as well as literature on peacekeeping, human rights, children, women and gender issues.  Most of the materials are published by the Department of Public Information in New York. UNIC distributes, or makes available materials to members of the public, students, schools, colleges, and universities. The documentation centre also serves as a resource centre for the United Nations staff.

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