Tour Guides are the face of the United Nations

Tour Guides are the face of the United Nations

The United Nations Visitors’ Service in Nairobi received a shot in the arm following the completion of an induction course for six newly recruited tour guides. The new staff is on board starting November 2015.

The Visitors’ Service ran a two weeks intensive training to equip six newly recruited tour guides with information necessary for them to give up-to-date tours of the United Nations Office at Nairobi. The training was carried out by Chief of Visitors’ Service, Marian Aggrey.

In their training the new recruits covered topics ranging from United Nations organs, programmes and specialized agencies. The Visitors’ Service also invited a guest speaker, Mr. Waiganjo Njoroge from United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) to brief on the programme’s work and the Paris Climate Change (COP21-Paris) to the tour guides. The guides wrote tests on the organs of the United Nations and had practice talks on each of them. This took place at the Fish Bowl at UNON. Aside from that, they also took part in a guided tour led by the Chief of Visitors’ Service, to familiarize themselves with the entire compound and the gifts and artwork on display at UNON.

During the fortnight, there were ongoing tours and each of the guides had a chance to welcome a group of visitors and take them around the compound on a walking tour and answer questions raised by the visitors.

With six of these tour guides, the Service has more flexibility for they will be able to service many more groups of visitors simultaneously. In addition to being efficient, the six tour guides can cover five languages; English, German, French, Chinese and Swahili.

At the end of their training they met with the Director-General of UNON, Sahle-Work Zewde who welcomed them to the UN complex and reminded them that they were the face of the Organization and their role comes with enormous responsibility.

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