Tegla Loroupe Wins the 2016 UN Person of the Year Award in Kenya

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Tegla Loroupe Wins the 2016 UN Person of the Year Award in Kenya

Ambassador Tegla Chepkite Loroupe is the winner of the 2016 UN Person of the Year award.
This recognition is as a result of her efforts in getting refugees to participate in Olympic Games for the first time in history and her leadership in taking peace to conflict zones in Africa.

In June 2014, Tegla organized a peace race in Kakuma refugee camp to commemorate World Refugee Day and to promote peace in the region. She noted great athletics talent among refugees which she believed was worth supporting. Through her Peace Foundation, she established an athletics training facility for refugees in Ngong Nairobi.

With her consistent advocacy in 2015, she succeeded in ,lobbying the International Olympics Committee(IOC) to give a chance to refugees with athletics talent to participate in the Olympics. As a result, ten refugees (five from Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya) were selected for Rio Olympics. Her hope was that when refugees perticipate in the Olympics, people in their home countries would rally behind them, putting aside their differences.

Ambassador Tegla Loroupe is the first African woman to win the New York City marathon and a world record holder in several long distance competitions.

The runners up for the UN award of the year’s in alphabetical order are:

  • Agnes Odhiambo, Controller of Budget (GoK): For her professionalism in the consequential responsibility in championing Gender Responsive Budgeting.
  • Nemanyatta Kipetu, Housewife: For her work in empowering her community with renewable energy.
  • Raphael Obonyo, Public Policy Specialist: For his impeccable leadership and unprecedented contribution to youth empowerment.
  • Shiekh Adan Wachu, Chair, Inter-Religious Council of Kenya (IRCK): For spearheading Inter-Religious Council of Kenya (ICRK) in partnership with the Kenyan government and development partners in the ending of preventable maternal deaths in Kenya

For more photos on the event: http://www.unicnairobi.org/photo-galleries/

“The United Nations award winner” is selected based on their commitment towards the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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