Raising awareness on climate change step by step

Raising awareness on climate change step by step

In an effort to drum up support leading the 22 April Paris Agreement signing event in New York, UNIC Nairobi went on a clarion for action to raise awareness of the rapidly diminishing glaciers on Mt. Kenya. Africa’s second highest mountain (17,330 Feet) has lost 92% of its ice cap in the last century and Global Warming is seen as the main culprit

To that end, two UN staffers, Newton Kanhema and Bo Sorensen have just returned from Mt. Kenya where they captured images of the fast retreating icecaps long identified with this famous mountain.They also took the UN and Sustainable Development Goals flags to symbolize international efforts that are underway to halt the impact of climate change on the African continent.

Mount Kenya, one of the few equatorial mountains with an ice cap, is both a major tourist attraction and the origin of many rivers that are a major source of water and hydrological power for this nation of 45 million people. It is an important water catchment area and rivers such as Naro Moru emerge from the melting glacier.

Mt. Kenya glaciers are certainly melting faster than ever. Gregory and Krapf glaciers are almost disappeared and Lewis Glacier, the biggest of them all, retreated by more than 800 meters between 1893 and 2004 and lost almost 16 m water equivalent of its thickness between 1979 and 1996. “…At this rate they will be gone in 10 year,” said Levente Szasz, of Dimitrie Cantemir University, in an article written for Environmental Problems and Development.

MtKenya4The Acting UN Resident Coordinator for Kenya, Sid Chatterjee said the world is at the cross roads to choose to do business as usual or take action that mitigates the rapid climate change that points to a disaster for people who today feed and depend on the water from Mt. Kenya.

“The most vulnerable people and poorest – mostly those who have done least to cause climate change – need global support to reduce their exposure to climate impacts,” said Chatterjee.

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