Nairobi UN Offices has become a “must visit” for visiting Dignitaries

Nairobi UN Offices has become a “must visit” for visiting Dignitaries

United Nations Office in Nairobi has become a “must visit” for all dignitaries visiting Kenya, helping raise the profile of one of and the only UN HQ in the global South. The Director-General of UNON, Sahle-Work Zewde has called 2015 “truly been a momentous year for UNON, and for the UN as a whole.”. “This year, our UN compound has experienced some remarkable occasions and events including the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in July co-hosted by Presidents Kenyatta and Obama, and the historic visit of His Holiness Pope Francis on 26 November. Some of the other important events held on the compound this year included the 25th Governing Council session of UN-Habitat, the Prepcom for Habitat III, and several visits by other Heads of State, such as President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf of Liberia just a few days ago,” she said in her end-of-year message.

She said the growing number of high-level visits and events at UNON reflects an increasing international awareness of the essential role played by this duty station in the global UN system. “Indeed,” she said, “it is becoming increasingly rare for a visiting Head of State to Kenya not to include a stop at UNON in his or her programme.”

Liberian President

Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf plants a tree at the UNON complex

She said it is not just Heads of State and dignitaries that are discovering the magnificent campus. “Thanks to the UNIC Visitor’s Service and our hard-working tour guides, more and more students, tourists and members of the wider public are coming to UNON and learning about the vital work being carried out by the UN from this compound and around the world,” she said.

Focusing into the New Year, she said 2016 promises to be another significant year for the UN and for UNON. Our compound will once again host key events and conferences, including the second UN Environment Assembly of UNEP in May.

We will continue efforts to upgrade our infrastructure and facilities and further raise the profile of this UN Headquarters. We will also do our part to support the UN’s efforts to translate the new Sustainable Development Goals into reality.

Please see a short video of the Pope’s visit to UNON below

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