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UN in Kenya Award Winner

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Josephine Kulea wins UN in Kenya Award 2013

UN In Kenya award 2013 winner( Nairobi, 25 October, 2013 )- Josephine Kulea is a child rights activist working in Isiolo and Samburu County and the founder of Samburu Girls Foundation. Her work was featured in a poignant documentary by NTV called the Beads of Bondage. Her NGO stands firmly for the rights of children and protecting those rights. Josephine has rescued many girls from early forced marriage, harmful beading practices and Female Genital Mutilation and placed them in schools. <<more>>


Gudliye Farm wins UN in Kenya Award

2012 UN Day In Kenya Award Winner displaying his Prize. Looking on is the  Foreign Affairs Minister Hon. Sam Ongeri( Nairobi, 25 October, 2012 )- As has been the tradition since 2002, the UN family for the 10th time honored Gudliye Farm with the UN in Kenya Award 2012, for its outstanding effort to eradicate food insecurity through embracing modern dryland farming as an alternative means of livelihood in Daadab, North Eastern Province, a predominantly dry area.

The farm is directly and slowly transforming the lives of hundreds of beneficiaries affected by Horn of Africa drought. Read <<more>>.



Pamela Achieng' wins UN in Kenya Award

unday_awardwinner( Nairobi, 25 October, 2011 ) –A nurse who has gone out of her way to help mothers deliver safely is this year's UN Award Winner.

Ms. Pamela Achieng' Sombe who is a nurse at Duru Kadero dispensary was recognised for helping mothers. Armed only with basic equipment and supplies, Pamela has assisted many mothers who went to the dispensary in adavnced stages of labour. Without her help, the women and other babies would be among the statistics of those who die during home births.

Last Year alone, Pamela helped deliver 20 helathy babies at the dispensary which does not have a delivery ward or a labour room. The dispensary, which is 4 kilometres form the main road, has received mothers who go into labour especially at night and cannot afford transport to big hospitals. <<more>>


Martin King'asia Named as the UN in Kenya Award Winner

Nairobi, 22 October 2010 - Martin King’asia has been the Chief Radio Producer and head of KBC Kiswahili service Radio (Idhaa ya Taifa) since 2009. He is also a renowned radio producer and prime time radio news presenter at the station. Prior to being appointed to head the national service, he was head of the station’s current affairs section between 2005 and 2008. He holds a Diploma in Radio Production (KIMC, Nairobi- 1991) , an advanced professional training in news and current affairs/computer aided radio (Cologne, Germany-1997) and six other assorted certificates in Broadcast journalism. He previously worked for the BBC Kiswahili Service in London between 1999 and 2001. He has developed his broadcast experience through travel, work and training stints in the United States of America, Germany, Britain, Belgium, France, Israel and Switzerland.

Martin co-designed the United Nation’s radio programme Timiza Ahadi, (Keep the Promise) which was conceptualized in 2005. He is a co-producer and the presenter of this programme, which features activities of the more than 20 UN agencies based in Nairobi and whose objective is to educate the Kenyan public on the purpose and aspirations of the Millennium Development Goals.  These 8-minute programmes are transmitted on the national broadcaster at 9.15 a.m daily (Mondays to Fridays), except on Wednesdays when there are parliamentary sessions. Since 2005 when the first Timiza Ahadi programme was transmitted, over one thousand (1000) radio programmes have been aired on KBC Kiswahili service. Through the programmes, a majority of the station’s over 20 million listeners has been able to appreciate the UN’s core mandate - to end world poverty; achieve universal education; promote gender equality; reduce child mortality and improve maternal health; combat HIV/Aids; ensure environmental sustainability; and develop a global partnership for development.<<more>>

Useful links on this story: UN Day Commemoration in Kenya


Henry Kirwa Named as UN Person of the Year 2009

Nairobi, 26 October, 2009 –Triple Beijing Paralympic games Gold medalist Henry Kirwa was on October 26th 2009 named the United Nations (UN) in Kenya Person of the Year.

(UNDP) Communications Officer Nicholas Njoroge told Capital Sport that Mr Kirwa had been recognised for his advocacy against poverty eradication among the disabled people.

“He much appeals to all our eight MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) which we are trying to achieve in Kenya,” he said.

The athlete is also the UNDP MDG advocate in the country.

The UN in Kenya Person of the Year” is chosen based on their personal commitment towards achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals and has been running for the last eight years.<<more>>

2008 Snr. Superintendent of Police Joseph M Nthenge with his 2008 UN in Kenya Person of the Year Award - 24 October 2008

Nairobi, 22 October –The United Nations in Kenya, on the occasion of UN Day on 24 October, has decided to award the 2008 "UN in Kenya Person of the Year" to Acting Senior Superintendent of Police, Joseph Musyoka Nthenge. Speaking for the UN, the Acting Director General, Ms. Inga Klevby said: "Today the United Nations family in Kenya recognizes Supt. Nthenge for his contribution to peace through dialogue. He is indeed worthy of the title - “Kenyan hero.”

Ms. Klevby added that “within a 48 hour period, Nthenge employed dialogue and negotiations four times to extinguish possible violent flare-ups. In addition to being seen on TV persuading a mob away from their destructive behavior, he convinced two other mobs in the city as well as dissuading a group of Members of Parliament (MPs) to call off a march to challenge the banning of public gathering inside the city’s largest park (Uhuru Park) by the police.”
<<more>> | <<photos>>

2007 Mr. Abbas Gullet, Secretary General of Kenya Red Cross Society named UN in Kenya Person of the Year - 24 October 2007

Nairobi, 22 October – The United Nations in Kenya, on the occasion of UN Day on 24 October, has decided to award the 2007 "UN in Kenya Person of the Year" to Mr. Abbas Gullet, Secretary General of Kenya Red Cross Society. His timely interventions and leadership has made the KRCS the leading National humanitarian organization in the country, recognised across the world as one of the best performing National Red Cross Societies, and an example of what local relief groups can achieve
<<more>> | <<photos>>
2006 Ms. Njoki Ndungu, Nominated Member of Parliament in Kenyan parliament is the 2006 UN in Kenya Person of the Year

Ms. Ndung’u was selected because of her outstanding contributions to the protection of the rights of women in Kenya, and for serving as an inspiration for all Kenyans in keeping with the ideals of the UN. She is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya. Since 1995 Njoki has fough for the rights of women and girls. She has found cases of violence, in particular gender violence, are generally neither supported nor well understood but especially by policy makers and therefore has consistently tried to make them understood.  
<<more>> |<<photos>>
2005 Ms. Agnes Pareiyo, named 2005 UN in Kenya Person of the Year

The United Nations in Kenya today commemorated  the organization’s 60th anniversary by honouring a Kenyan activist for her efforts to save girls from Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and under-age marriage in a community where such practices are deeply-rooted.  Agnes Pareyio, of Narok District, was chosen as “the United Nations in Kenya Person of the Year” for her contributions to achieving the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).


2004 Prof. Elizabeth Ngugi 2004 United Nations in Kenya Person of the Year

This year’s United Nations in Kenya Person of the Year, Professor Elizabeth Ngugi, of the University of Nairobi College of Health Sciences, is being honoured for her contribution to preventing the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in Kenya. Professor Elizabeth Ngugi is a truly great woman leader. Over the years she has received numerous awards and honours for her considerable contribution to the battle against HIV/AIDS in Kenya and the overall development of the country. She is equally effective at the grass roots and national policy-making levels, and has consistently shown that she is unafraid to raise her voice against injustice. For these reasons the UN family in Kenya has named Professor Ngugi the UN in Kenya Person of the Year.

2003 Ms. Guddy Birkigt, named 2003 UN in Kenya Person of the Year

Ms. Guddy Birkigt, this year’s United Nations in Kenya Person of the Year, is credited with contributing to the conservation of Robinson Island, located 30 kilometres from Malindi off the coast of Kenya. The island has been under environmental threat from two major salt mining and processing factories that turn out highly concentrated brine, thus killing large stretches of mangroves. The companies created a dyke that blocked the entrance to the island for the local people, and a darn that blocked the only source of fresh water to the island. The local Giriama and Bajuni inhabitants had to wade through a creek to purchase fresh water sold by the same salt mining companies. The salt mining companies also contributed to the degradation of the mangroves in the area because of the waste which infiltrated the environment.

2002 Mr. Joseph M’eruaki, named 2002 UN in Kenya Person of the Year

Mr. Joseph M’eruaki, this year’s United Nations in Kenya Person of the Year, is credited with having turned a barren land in Eastern Province with thorny bushes into a land of fruit and honey.

In 1995, Mbeere District was a drought-prone area. Two years later thanks to M’eruaki’s hard work and inspired vision, the shrubs had been turned into mango and pawpaw trees. He helped to train some 6,ooo farmers on seed preparation, propagation and topworking. Today, with the help ofMr. M’eruaki and the Kamurgu Agriculture Development Initiative (KADI), farrners not only produce seedlings for their own planting, but they also earn income from their sale.